Bioprocessing – Technical Features

The innovative design of the cellexis bioreactor allows continuous expansion and cultivation of adherent and semi-adherent cell cultures without passaging and at very low inoculation numbers due to the following technical features:

  • porous cell culture compartment comprising controlled porosity according to ISO / EN standards and a defined capillary effect for three-dimensional distribution of water-based media and suspensions
  • injection of inoculum through a special inoculation port with a capillary directly connected to the porous cell compartment and controlled three-dimensional distribution of inoculum onto a surface that correlates to the inoculation volume
  • homogeneous and continuous expansion of the cell culture from the inoculation area across the complete three-dimensionally approachable surface of the porous cell compartment
  • optimal distribution of medium and medium exchange inside the porous cell compartment without disturbing retention and effective control by flow-rate due to a narrow pore size distribution according to ISO / EN standards
  • highly reproducible inoculation, distribution of inoculum, expansion and long-term cultivation of cell cultures due to controlled inoculation and expansion without passaging