Tube Reactor

Indipendent of the specific embodiment, the main principle is based on providing a seperate inoculation port that is connected to a recess inside the porous cell compartment that enables the controlled and reproducible seeding of the culture.


In some embodiments it may be beneficial to provide a central flow channel to the porous cell compartment (no. 33).

By closing the end of aforesaid flow channel (no. 38), providing a space between the porous cell compartment and the bioreactor vessel wall (no. 34) and sealing the cross-sectional are of the porous cell compartment (no. 39) the flow of medium will be enforced radially through the cell culture compartment.

Hence, for large cell culture compartments and extremely high cell densities the distribution of the medium flow through the cell compartment will be optimal.


The design principle can also be realized, if the bioreactor embodiment comprises a vessel with a screw cap and gas exchange membrane, respectively.

[Published on: 07.07.2011]