Heated System Rack

  • system rack SR: cylindrical bioreactor rack with a broad, oval shaped base for stable fixation with integrated preformed heater wrap comprising a multipoint connector for the heat controller, side recesses for the safe carrying of hose connections and connection to the integrated heating sleeve, simple plug-in system for quick insertion and removal of the preformed heating wrap; system rack material: stainless steel, polished; multiple use heating wrap with integrated heating circuit and temperature sensor for controlled operation; material of the heater wrap: silicone, temperature-resistant from -60°C to +200°C, splash water protected, autoclavable.
  • heat controller HC: Electronic digital control unit for the heating wrap with temperature sensor PT 100; with digital display and keypad, adjustable temperature range 30 ° C to 40 ° C, accuracy + / – 0.2 ° C; Output: 24 V, 140 VA, lead: 2m cable 3 x 1,5mm2 with plug, connection of the heating wrap and the sensor PT 100 has a multi-point circular socket, input voltage 230 V / 110 V adjustable; case material: stainless steel, polished.