Single-Use Bioreactor Vessel

  • single-use reactor vessel : Reactor housing with flat flange and a separate sealing flange top cap, two side ports and a concentrically positioned bottom port (olives, outer diameter: 7 mm for use of tubes with inner diameter 6.4 mm); separate sealing flange top cap with a port for inoculation above (olive, outer diameter: 7mm for hoses with inner diameter 6.4 mm) and an inner capillary port for connecting the inoculation port with the cell compartment (outer diameter of the capillary: 3.2 mm); 1 capillary Tygon ® ultra-pure for capillary connection between inoculation port and cell compartment, autoclavable; porous cell culture compartment with  pore size of 160μm to 250 microns or pore class Por. 0 according to ISO 4793; 2 fixation and sealing rings made ​​of silicone for safe use of the cell culture compartment in the disposable reactor; material of the disposable reactor: borosilicate glass 3.3, autoclavable; material of the cell compartment: borosilicate glass 3.3, autoclavable; material of silicone rings: silicone, pharma grade, autoclavable; material of the capillary tubing: Tygon ® ultra-pure, pharma grade, autoclavable.
  • Included accessories: one clamping ring CLRF for the gas-tight seal (flange) of the disposable reactor vessel, autoclavable,  centering and sealing ring CR for the gas-tight closure of the disposable reactor vessel, material of the centering and sealing ring: PTFE, pharma grade, autoclavable.