System Benefits

For the first time, cellexis comprises a platform to introduce a validated bioreactor technology that comprises standardized processes to resolve different individual process functions:

  • Simplifying cell line development through direct use of adherently or semi-adherently growing high producers
  • Reducing the development cycle through skipping needless adaptation of adherent cell cultures to suspension cultivation
  • Higher productivity of processes with protein production through use of non-adapted, i.e. use of cell cultures in their physiological state
  • Miniaturization of the process framework and space requirements (footprint) through a highly efficient reactor design with vast cell densities
  • Seamless up-scaling of processes through passage-free continuous cultivation under controlled and standardized conditions in different production scales
  • Shortening time-to-market through simplification of process development and use of standard processes without development effort
  • Reduction of operational costs through highly efficient processes, decreasing process complexity and lesser material consumption
  • Reduction of investment costs through miniaturization of production systems and transforming fixed costs into variable production costs