Privacy Policy

II. Privacy Terms – Valid from: 01.07.2011

These Privacy Terms apply to all webpages (“Website”) and online services provided under the domain including the information, data, functions and services available through aforesaid webpages and online services (together “Online Service”).

The aforesaid Website and Online Service is owned and operated by atech system solutions Ltd. (hereinafter “atech”). If you have questions about our Privacy Terms or about the use of personal information, please, feel free to contact the management of atech by email (use or by mail to: atech system solutions Ltd., German Office, Business Unit, Mainzer Str. 10, D-65185 Wiesbaden, Germany.

atech collects and processes a multitude of data in connection with the provision of information, data, services and functions on our Website for the Online Service Among these data, there is also personal information that has been submitted by you directly; or collected and generated by us indirectly.

For example, you may submit your contact data in order to be contacted by us, or you may send us personal data and information for getting purchase offers, product and service information; or the delivery of products and services or the processing of your orders. Often, we receive banking data, debt orders or similar data, that are required to prepare, implement and execute financial or business transactions.

In connection with the use of our Website and the Online Service we indirectly track, retrieve and generate information and data regarding the user behavior and user activities on our Website through certain technologies. Some of that information may be submitted by your internet browser itself, e.g. type of used browser, IP address, access time on certain webpages, the website content viewed or visited; we may log such-like data. Furthermore, we may use systems that allow to analyze emails and generate specific personal data about the use of emails, e.g. if you have read an email or if you have opened a specific hyperlink that has been submitted within such an email.

We collect and analyze such personal information in order to make statistical evaluations about the use of our Website and its effectiveness; based on such personal information, we aim to tailor the Website to your specific needs and to improve the automation of services provided on or supported by the Website.

We do use personal information for different purposes: we use your submitted contact information based on your contact and/or information requests to contact you via phone, email, standard mail or by fax and to send service, product or other kind of information. We use submitted banking data to perform financial transactions, e.g. to generate and send invoices, credit orders, debt orders and the like. In connection with the usage of our non-commercial or commercial services that are used at no charge or at charge we may perform marketing surveys regarding our services and your customer satisfaction.

With regard to previously delivered services and products we may use personal information to identify, provide and/or offer supportive further services or products, e.g. to provide information about new services, new product versions, product updates, supplemental products or services.

We may also combine personal information that has been submitted by you and collected directly with personal information that has been tracked, generated and collected indirectly from using our Website; based on such combined personal information, we aim to provide on our Websites personalized and customized content as well as functions that support targeted information retrieval and focused more on your personal interests and needs.

Both, the personal information that has been sent by you directly and the personal information that has been collected indirectly from using our Website, may be used by atech for the purposes of marketing and the electronic or standard mail submission of product and service information; these marketing-related information may be different from information that supports received services and products. At any time, you may decide not to receive such-like marketing information by just informing us via the contact email or clicking on unsubscribe links in newsletter emails.

Regarding the consulting and other services as well as license contracts that are initiated, provided and performed through the Online Service we will digitize or scan, electronically store and distribute across atech and atech affiliates such information, data and documents as personal and Customer data that will be submitted to and received by us by using the Website, email or standard mail. The storage and distribution of personal and Customer data and information is performed in order to deliver the services you have purchased according to our contractual obligations correctly and accurately.

At performance of online transactions for use of products and services provided or initiated by the Online Service it may be necessary to contact each other by phone or to support the aforesaid transaction by online chat or remote tools. For the purposes of audit trail of such transactions and/ or the purpose of employee training and/or quality assurance we may record and archive such phone calls and online chats or remote sessions.

To the extent that suppliers, affiliates or subcontractors are using the Website and special sites provided thereon, personal information and data may be retrieved, generated and/or distributed across different affiliates and subcontractors for the purpose of order processing; personal information may be exchanged with atech customers; personal information may be exchanged, distributed, processed and/or stored for the control and management of customer relationships and business cases.

atech aims to protect any kind of personal information and data against unauthorized access, distribution and use. Therefore, atech has implemented physical, administrative and technical means to assure the protection of personal information. For the submission of critical data, we use encryption technology both for exchange of data via email or the Website.

By notice of thirty days, we post any changes of our Privacy Terms on the Website at top of this page. If there will be any substantial and material change of use of your personal information compared to the time of collection of aforesaid data, we will notify you; you may then decide if atech is allowed to use your personal information that have been previously collected in the changed way.